Rarities and Viewing

Korpi, Ray RKorpi at clark.edu
Tue Mar 5 11:02:11 PST 2002

Hi Tweets,
Been mostly lurking as meetings have overwhelmed my life, but wanted to
highlight the conversations that have been going on with regard to rarities.
If you've looked at OBOL in the past few weeks, you'll have noticed the
discussions about the Cassin's Kingbird site--that the bird was along a road
that, while it looked as if it was a public road, it was actually private,
and that there have been similar communications between the birding
community and the locals on access. Similarly, a farm owner whose trees
hosted a Lewis's Woodpecker in the Willamette Valley this winter sent out a
request that people stop viewing in front of his farmhouse after his home
became a weekend tour stop. While viewing from a public road is allowable
and ethical under most guidelines, one has to remember that the people on
the other side of the fence or glass may not see it that way.

This makes it all the more important to thank those who are gracious.
Oregon Field Ornithologists, much spurred by Paul Sullivan among others, has
been giving plaques to those particularly generous people and to groups who
help. This has been a good thing, and I encourage others to think about
doing so. We also need to respect the wishes of those who do not want to be

BTW, my grammar lecture yesterday included site, sight, and cite---how
ironic that it came up here. With the advent of the web and the sloth
caused by spellcheckers, such mistakes have grown common in my student
papers (more common, I'd say, than when I started teaching in 1988).

Hope to be able to report on some birds soon!

Ray Korpi, PhD
Director, Hawkins Computer Lab
Clark College
Vancouver WA

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