Falcated Teal

Larry & Jacque Goodhew lgoodhew at clearwater.net
Tue Mar 5 13:39:50 PST 2002

Hi. All, We decided to have a try for the teal and some of the other
good sitings. Stopped Monday about 2pm at the Painted Bunting sight
several people were there but left after a short time as the bird did
not show. One of the neighbors came out and seemed happy to talk to
us about the bird and seemed happy that people were coming to see it.
He said he had seen it up near the street. It flew in about 3:15
and we walked in the area for a half hour or so and it was still
sitting preening when we returned to our car and left. Sorry if this
was a bother to the home owner. We then drove north to Samish Island
arriving about 5pm. the fields and ponds in the area of the teal
sitings held only Green-winged Teal, and a few Killdeer. We then
drove to the end of the island and the Great Grey Owl was sitting in
a small tree beside the road, didn't even have to leave the car to
view it. Saw a few people walking in the area, all waved and seemed
to not be upset we were in the area. Later as we were back over
looking the teal area 2 cars stopped, both were local residents who
wanted to let us know about the owl and to help us see it if we
hadn't. So I guess if you go stay a very low profile.
This AM Tuesday March 5 we arrived at 6:30 and spent the next
several hours looking at a lot of ducks but no Falcated Teal. A car
backfired 3 times after passing us and all the ducks returned to the
bay. Several of us stayed a while but no ducks returned to the
flooded fields. A couple from Calif, didn't get their name, decided
to walk out to the dike to look. They were flying to Alaska tomorrow
to look for the " Woodpecker"
We drove over to Anacortes to check on the Yellow-billed Loon. Not
a bird in site. after a bit we drove into town and checked in the
channel, not much there so decided to return to the teal hunt. Made
one last check for the Loon and it was about 10 foot from the shore
right in front of our car.
Shortly after returning to look for the teal several others came
and we all were about to depart for home when the couple from Calif
came and said they had found it just offshore from the public area.
Went to the public area and walked to the dike. Hundreds of ducks
were on the water and were very much moving around . After about an
hour some one spotted the Teal. For over a hour we all just watched
it. The light was very good and we all hated to leave. The Teal swam
closer and closer. As we returned to our car a Rough-legged Hawk
flew over and a lone Tree Swallow. Back in the car it was time for
the 6 hour drive home. Stopped at South Cle Elum to look for
waxwings, no luck but did have 12 Common Redpolls .
Larry and Jacque Goodhew Walla Walla

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