Secrets in Birding

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Wed Mar 6 10:42:39 PST 2002

So I guess we shouldn't keep the penguins in Blaine to ourselves, right?

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>I'd like the opportunity to chime in with my two cents on this dialogue...


>Having been birding in this area for over 30 years, I remember the days of

>the "inner circle" of birders who were in on all the good birds. However,

>I would maintain that much of that was due to "communication

>opportunities," NOT on exclusivity.


>Back then, if you saw something rare, you would simply call those birders

>you knew to share your excitement and information. You would also report it

>to the rare bird hotline. This hotline, for those of you who don't remember,

>was a taped message that the manager of the hotline recorded every few days;

>it was rarely updated daily, and often only weekly. Nowadays we can post

>on the Internet, or call the Birdbox on our cell phone while still

>observing the bird!


>I'm not saying that there aren't a few elitist birders out there, but in

>my experience, I think the vast majority of our birding community is very

>open, willing and eager to share birding information. If you consider how

>competitive many birders are, this is even more commendable!


>And by the way, I'm not in anyone's "inner circle." I get my information

>on the Internet and Birdbox like everyone else.


>Mike Donahue


Jack Kintner <kintner at> Blaine, WA

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