P. Bunting - $$?

Thomas Love tlove at linfield.edu
Wed Mar 6 17:56:15 PST 2002

Hello Tweets: One person posting Tuesday offhandedly mentioned that the
Samish homeowner could really make some money if they charged for people
looking for the Falcated Duck. Isn't this what ecotourism is all about?
Why not speak the same privatizing speech and suggest to the Bunting
homeowners that they might be able to make a little something on this? I
bet most people (me included, if I can figure out a time to get up to
Seattle) would be happy to chip in $5-10 or so. Perhaps Steve M. could
approach them with this idea? I don't know the location, but if they could
put out a semi-concealed little cash box by their front stoop, I bet they'd
be surprised and pleased.

I too share the general sentiment about respecting private property, but I
also find myself alarmed at the erosion of a sentiment of shared public
space. As Ray Korpi mentioned, in reference to the Cassin's Kingbird we've
had a spirited discussion about all this on OBOL several weeks ago.


Tom Love
tlove at linfield.edu

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