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Wed Mar 6 20:59:40 PST 2002

Hello Tweeters;

Lots of good dialogue on the topic of rarities and so forth......

For the lighter side of this issue, I heartily recommend the purchase of a cd entitled "Vinyl Cafe Stories" by Stuart McLean. This is a series from a CBC Radio program entitled The Vinyl Cafe, hosted by raconteur Stuart McLean.
One of the segments is called "The Bird", and it is an extremely clever, humorous and quite accurate portrayal of what happens when a rare bird arrives at the feeder. And the word goes out......

I guarantee that you will grin very broadly or howl with laughter at the scenario, because it is based on realisms that we have all experienced.

You can order this from:

The CBC Boutique
Box 500
Station A
Toronto, Ont.
M5W 1E6

ph: 1-800-955-7711

ISBN # 096830313-7

Do it ! You won't regret it and the other stories are witty and fun too. At the currency exchange rates, this is one of the cheapest bits of entertainment you can get. It is nice to see birding from a non-birder's perspective. Wait until you hear what the feeder operator did about the rare bird after experiencing birders !!

Rick Howie
Kamloops, BC

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