I've been advised to say STOP

Rob Saecker rsaecker at thurston.com
Wed Mar 6 21:23:39 PST 2002

I can't help but comment:

>My partner and I thanked them for their thoughtfulness, but

>explained that they really wouldn't want us to do that because word

>would get out and they could possibly end up with a mob at the

>edges of their yard.

Wow. There's nothing quite like making someone's mind up for them, is
there. I wonder what would have happened if the the remark had been,
"There might be a crowd," and left at that. They might, like other
rare bird hosts, have enjoyed the experience. Maybe they would have
learned a lot about birds in a short time. Perhaps they would have
made new friends. Or, none of the above. We'll never know, the
opportunity has been lost. I certainly think it would be remiss not
to mention the possibility of crowds, but why predispose them to
think negatively about it? Let them make up their own minds.

As for the birds in question, well, I've seen Indigo Bunting in
California, Painted Bunting in Texas, and Falcated Duck in my field
guide, so no need to chase. Oh, wait.... :)
Rob Saecker
rsaecker at thurston.com

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