great yard birds Tues.

MARK BILTZ vickibiltz at
Thu Mar 7 10:04:49 PST 2002

While doing doggie patrol in the fenced area of my yard Tuesday, totally
frustrated with not getting to see the GG Owl yet, I heard a flock of
RED CROSSBILLS fly over head. I counted about 15, but may have had more. A
few minutes later, heard the comical buzzing of Townsends Warblers out
front, and decided to put the scoop away for now. I had a dozen GOLDEN
CROWNED KINGLETS, mixed in with 8 or more TOWNSENDS, and BUSHTITS were at
the suet as well as the rest of the birds I normally get. A RUBY CROWNED was
singing, and the Crossbills were in the yard next door. I had a SAPSUCKER,
and DOWNY both feeding and hammering , Downy at the suet off and on, going
up and hammering and calling, and the Sapsucker flew onto the Poplar tree
and started working hard. I keep hoping my Hairy Woodpeckers will show back
up, haven't seen them since last year.
Its wonderful to get rare birds, but I love these little guys because they
are MINE!!!
Vicki Biltz Bonney Lake Wa. vickibiltz at

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