birders and secrets

Eric Henriksen Eric.Henriksen at
Thu Mar 7 10:51:33 PST 2002

I found Rachel Lawson's post on this subject very interesting and
honest. I think she approached it thoughtfully and well. I know if I
had a great gray owl on my property I'd be telling everyone and probably
setting up a lemonade stand for the incoming crowds. But I understand
there are people who want their privacy. And this is America and
personal property rights must be respected.

I don't believe, however, that rare birds should be kept secret. I know
they are in certain circles. I believe rarities should be reported in
the public forum along with any information regarding the wishes of the
property owners. Then we as birders should respect these wishes (as I
know most do) and police ourselves as a community.

Eric Henriksen
Richland, WA
Eric.Henriksen at
"You have to live with your decisions" -Pat Gillick on Ken Griffey Jr.

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