Jon. Anderson and Marty Chaney festuca at
Thu Mar 7 17:53:00 PST 2002

Hi folks,

Today I heard about a development with the 'animal damage control' types up
near Everson, between Lynden and Sumas concerning poisoned grain. The story
I had was that Wildlife Services embarked on a starling control program
north of Everson last Friday. Their project involved baiting with poisoned
grain. They reported that a large flock of starlings and some non-targeted
red wing black birds took to the grain and then left the area.

The location of their roost site was unknown but once the birds start dying,
the state & fed agencies anticipated that their offices and staff would be
receiving numerous calls. I am not necessarily a 'fan' of starlings, but
do have some concerns with their using poisoned baits... the 'takes' of
non-target (and supposedly protected) blackbirds, finches, sparrows, doves,
etc., might be minimal, but then again may not be, and may not be necessary
at all if other methods were to be used. When I lived up in Mt Vernon, the
federal animal damage control folks were using a lot of fly-in traps at the
dairies to 'control' the starlings - which would allow some possibility of
releasing non-target species. Poison doesn't give quite that level of

Does anyone on the list have any knowledge of the specifics of this program
in Whatcom Co??, or know who to contact at the USDA animal damage offices to
find out??

Jon. Anderson
Olympia, Washington
festuca at

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