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Blake Iverson coopershwk at
Thu Mar 7 18:22:57 PST 2002

I agree with what was said and that was to keep it quiet. There is no need
to let everyone know that there's a bald ealge's nest here and there. Keep
it quiet. We don't need any more punks coming around shooting at them
because if I lived nearby, let me tell you, those kids would be 6 feet under
the ground if I caught them in the act. Anyway, I don't really like the
comment made about falconers. I am ONE! And just for your sake and others, I
don't think we can even take them. Why would we, they only hunt fish 90% of
the time. BORING! We falconers don't take birds and waste them, we don't
take them because we want BIG MAJESTIC birds. And when we take birds, it
does more good than harm. I won't get off on a tangent about this unless
it's welcomed. I will defend it against anyone who counteracts it, trust me,
I have many, many times.

Blake Iverson
Arlington, WA
coopershwk at

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