Birding areas in Bellingham

Laura Jordison lebaron85 at
Fri Mar 8 11:26:24 PST 2002

Hello Tweeters,
Want to thank everybody who gave me suggestions on places to bird in
Bellingham! I will try those places out. Hope the (horrible white stuff)
does not show up here because I have an outing planned for Saturday around
Vancouver (birding of course). I will be going with two other people, and we
have named our outing the Avian and Ale Adventure! We will see if we can see
certain species each of us has listed, then if we see them, we get a pint
(or two....) after the outing! I've really gotten into all this birding
stuff. Makes it very difficult to focus on acquiring a job! (Let's see...
should I bird or job-hunt today?)!!!! Just wish I could get paid for all the
volunteering I do! Oh well. At least I'm enjoying myself. (And I know...I'm
not the only one). Will be doing my neighbourhood bird survey later on
today. It will already be the 6th week! Have not noticed too much difference
yet (same species pretty well show up, just in different areas). I have also
just recently acquired an area to survey for the BC Coastal Waterbird Survey
(Brunswick Point in Ladner). Will be doing that survey this Sunday probably.

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