Myrtle Edwards Saturday

Kevin Li kdli at
Sat Mar 9 16:51:57 PST 2002

About 4pm today, during light showers and a stiff south wind, Kris Baker and I walked to the grain terminal at Myrtle Edwards Park on the Seattle waterfront. Barrow's goldeneyes, scoters, cormorants, crows, and pigeons were readily observed, and then within a span of a few moments we added a merlin, peregrine, and at least three bald eagles. The falcons were in very close proximity just south of the terminal, and seemed momentarily to be chasing each other in the 25 knot winds. The pigeons scattered. An eagle flew low overhead just seconds after the falcons disappeared, and a few minutes later three eagles were overhead and headed north.

The Immunex construction north of the grain terminal is in full swing; I'll be interested to see if this spring will have the usual numbers of Caspian terns in that vicinity. My impression is that the terns used the roof tops in that area, although I never had a vantage point that allowed me to look for nests.

Kevin Li
Ballard, USA
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