Great-tailed Grackle in Samish Flats area

Denny Granstrand osprey at
Sat Mar 9 20:11:12 PST 2002

Hi Tweeters,

I just got this e-mail from one of the New Jersey guys I met while looking
for the Falcated Duck:

Denny, thanks for the picture. We (Chip) were successful in Alaska
in seeing
the Great-spotted Woodpecker and 50 plus other species in the Kenai.

Just back in NJ I was struck by the coincidence of a siting I had
and your
recent grackle siting. Soon after leaving the duck area and heading
east on
Route 20 from the Bayview Ave intersection to Rt I 5, I sited a male
Great-tailed Grackle. The bird was on the N side of the road in the
with the granery storage bins an estimated 1 to 2 miles east of the
mentioned intersection. It was siting on top a 30 foot high pole.
This is
certainly an unusual siting for the state and Skagit County. Being
out of
state I really have no way to disseminate the siting other than to
pass it
on to you. Please feel free to pass this siting on in any way you deem
acceptable and cc me.

Fred Virrazzi NJ

You are on your own to figure out where this area might be. The sighting
would have been on March 6.

Good Luck

Denny Granstrand
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