Great-tailed Grackle in Samish Flats area

Paul Moorehead pjm at
Sun Mar 10 08:09:40 PST 2002

Thanks Denny,

I think the location of the observation is east of the intersection of SR
20 and Avon-Allen Road. The granary is probably the Draper Farms
facility on 20. Could be interesting. Now if we could only give this guy
a copy of the post on site/sight. :)

> recent grackle sighting. Soon after leaving the duck area and heading east on

> Route 20 from the Bayview Ave intersection to Rt I 5, I sighted a male

> Great-tailed Grackle. The bird was on the N side of the road in the area

> with the granary storage bins an estimated 1 to 2 miles east of the above

> mentioned intersection. It was sitting on top a 30 foot high pole.This is

> certainly an unusual sighting for the state and Skagit County. Being out of

> state I really have no way to disseminate the sighting other than to pass it

> on to you. (edited)

Paul Moorehead
Guemes WA

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