Douglas and Grant Counties trip

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Sun Mar 10 19:19:44 PST 2002

On Fri., March 8th Richard Hendrick and I made a long day trip from
Bridgeport east on Hwy. 17 to Leahy Junction,then on Hwy. 174 to Grand
Coulee. Then we went south on Hwy. 155 along Banks Lake to Coulee
City. From there we went up Hwy. 2 to St. Andrews Rd., and through
Mansfield, down Bridgeport Hill Rd. and back to Bridgeport.

We saw a total of 50 species, with these being the highlights: At mile
marker #7 on Hwy. 174 there was an adult GYRFALCON and two SNOW BUNTINGS.
At Osborne Bay we saw a PRAIRIE FALCON and VIOLET-GREEN SWALLOWS. Near the
entrance to Steamboat Rock State Park were 20 or so TUNDRA SWANS and one
EURASIAN WIGEON. At the Dry Falls junction we saw a GOLDEN EAGLE. Going
down Bridgeport Hill we saw at least 182 COMMON REDPOLLS.

On March 1st we had our first WESTERN BLUEBIRDS at Osborne Bay. And south
of Dry Falls State Park had our first Violet-green Swallows. Meredith Spencer
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