Fw: Painted Bunting/Common Redpoll

Dan Heyerly spinetail at knowledge1.com
Mon Mar 11 10:12:55 PST 2002


Marv & Ken left just a little early on Sunday 3/10/2002. The PAINTED BUNTING
made two appearances just after they left, once at 103pm (a very brief
flash, pose and gone!), and then a nice extended visit starting at 1:38pm as
it fed on the ground with a flock of juncos at the base of the corner piller
holding up the deck. A crowd (10+) had showed up by then and all got good
satisfying looks.

Thanks for the redpoll spotting Marv.

Dan Heyerly and Anne Esche
Eugene, OR

spinetail at knowledge1.com
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> Today Ken Knittle and I watched for the PAINTED BUNTING in Seattle from

> 10:45AM until 12:45PM. The bird made an ever so brief appearance of 5

> seconds or less at about 11:30. It perched beneath the feeder in the



> While watching/waiting for the PABU I scoped birch trees to the east where


> saw and heard 4 PINE SISKINS. At least 2 COMMON REDPOLLS were among the

> siskins.


> Marv Breece

> Seattle, WA



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