Black-bellied Plover and other Klickitat County shorebird migration observations

Bob Hansen bhansen at
Mon Mar 11 10:14:31 PST 2002

On Friday, March 8th, Stuart Johnston and Bob McKenzie, observed a
nonbreeding plumage Black-bellied Plover at the Conboy Lake National
Wildlife Refuge, near Glenwood. The bird was observed again at the same
( 75 meters east of Laurel Road and 1.3 miles north of the BZ-Glenwood
Road intersection) on Sunday, 3/10, by Lauren Braden, Melissa Keigley,
Stuart Johnston and me.

Photographs of the bird can be seen at, , , and

In addition, during the last week, evidence that the Spring shorebird
migration is underway include the observation two Greater Yellowlegs, and
100 Dunlin in Klickitat County.

Besides the shorebird movements, wildflowers in the Columbia Gorge are
beginning their annual display.

Happy birding,
Bob Hansen
bhansen at
Lyle, WA

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