Metropolitan Areas Birding Guide

Hal Opperman hal at
Mon Mar 11 14:19:17 PST 2002

The long-awaited birdfinding guide to 33 metropolitan areas in the
U.S. and Canada is out. Edited by Paul Lehman and published by The
American Birding Assoiciation in the familiar "Lane Guide" format, A
Birder's Guide to Metropolitan Areas of North America has 512 pages
and a cover price of $28.95. It is available from ABA Sales
( and will shortly (if not already) be on the
shelves at local outlets.

Chapters are written by local experts and cover the immediate
metropolitan center where a "layover birder" can find some of the
local specialties quickly, as well as one or more sites within a
two-hour drive that expand the possibilities for those who have the
time. For example, the Seattle chapter (by Steve Mlodinow and Kevin
Aanerud) includes Whidbey Island, the Skagit and Samish Flats, and
the Cle Elum area, in addition to core sites in Seattle, Edmonds, and
Renton. Chapters on Portland (by Jeff Gilligan and Owen Schmidt) and
Vancouver (by Wayne Weber) also lie within the Greater Tweeters
listening area.

Where are you off to next? Memphis? Las Vegas? Halifax? Whatever
your destination, you'll certainly want to take this book with you.

Hal Opperman
Medina, Washington
hal at

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