swans near Monroe

Jody Breckenridge jbreckenridge at r2usa.com
Tue Mar 12 10:58:39 PST 2002


I've been reading posts for several months now and this is my first posting.
Hopefully I've followed the guidelines correctly.

My morning commute to work in Redmond from north of Monroe often takes me
through the state reformatory dairy farm in Snoqualmie Valley south of
Monroe (aka Crescent Lake Wildlife Area, Two Rivers Wildlife area), just off
Route 203. Over the past several days I've noticed the presence of two or
three swans in the lake by the prison farm office (on 203rd Street SE, just
off Rt 203). The swans are hanging out by themselves at the eastern-most
edge of the lake, right along the highway. I've only been able to catch
brief glimpses of them while driving south on 203 so was unable to determine
whether they are trumpeters or tundras. Unfortunately there are no safe
places to stop in that particular area of the highway to get good looks, and
there are no trespassing signs posted on both sides of 203rd Street on the
prison farm grounds.

I've driven this route for a couple of years and I do not recall ever seeing
swans on this lake. I've heard that several hundred swans have been
wintering in a nearby area along the old Monroe-Snohomish Road, but I have
not seen them myself and do not know the exact location. If anyone out
there in Tweeterland has seen any of these birds I'd like to hear more about


Jody Breckenridge
North of Monroe, Washington
Snohomish County
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