Swans near the Duckabush River

Rob McNair-Huff rob at whiterabbits.com
Tue Mar 12 11:45:56 PST 2002

Though not earth-shattering news, I thought I would mention that Natalie
and I found about a dozen trumpeter swans feeding the tidal areas near
the Duckabush River on Sunday afternoon. Ironically, the heavy rain we
encountered on the drive over from Tacoma let up as we drove around the
Great Bend on the Hood Cana; near Union and crossed over to Highway 101,
and while it was still raining hard at Potlatch State Park, once we
entered the rain shadow driving north toward Duckabush and Dosewalips
then there were more birds to see.

The trumpeters were fairly easy to identify through our scope, and they
were feeding along with wigeon, bufflehead, northern pintail, and under
the watching gaze of a kingfisher.

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