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Here are the directions if anyone still needs them!

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Following are the directions that I am using on our
NARBA (North American Rare Bird Alert) web site. I
will have to modify these directions a bit now that
the dike has been "posted".

To reach Samish Island, go north from Seattle on IH5
to Exit 236 (Bow Hill Rd.). Proceed west through the
town of Edison. Turn right on Bayview-Edison Rd.
After about two miles you will make a "hard right"
turn. This is what the locals refer to as the "West
90". At this turn there is a parking lot provided by
the Washington Div. of Wildlife and Ducks Unlimited.
It is from this parking lot that you can walk west to
a dike that overlooks the bay. The duck frequently
rafts with wigeons on this bay. A scope is highly
suggested. High tide is best. At low tide the birds
are very far out in the bay. If you continue past the
"West 90" for about 1.4 miles, you will make a hard
left turn. The duck has been seen on a pond (flooded
fields?) to the left of this turn on several
occasions. This area seems to be the most reliable
spot between about 8:00 and 10:00am. Reminder: This
is a great place to use your FRS radio. Tune into
channel 11-22.

Steve Matherly
NARBA Winter Compiler

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