Ivory Billed Woodpecker radio broadcast

Jeff Swift swift at xsat.com
Tue Mar 12 23:15:29 PST 2002

I found part 1 and 2 of the broadcast on the Living on Earth web site. There
is also a bit about the Cornell lab & the Ivory-bill. Below is the link
directly to the program's sound files. There is also a transcript for the
entire show found on the same page.



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Subject: Ivory Billed Woodpecker radio broadcast

> I accidentally heard a "Living on Earth" radio broadcast featuring the


> Billed Woodpecker. It was on Oregon Public Broadcasting (c/o National


> Radio) around 8-8:30pm. I only caught the last 15 minutes. I was wondering

> if anyone has heard it on KCTS public radio.


> Margaret Warrendorf

> Camas, WA, USA

> libcop at netzero.net


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