borrow someone's FRS radio?

Deborah Wisti-Peterson nyneve at
Wed Mar 13 09:09:14 PST 2002

hello tweets,

oh thank gawd, it's been too long, yes it has! it looks like i am
going out on my first BIG birding expedition of the new year, to
look for the falcated teal on sunday. i need to know the cost of
the FRS radio device that y'all are talking about, and where i can
purchase one? barring that, is it possible for one of you many sweet,
kind tweets to LEND me one? please contact me privately, don't want
to clutter the list with this.

i also need to know where the on-line tide tables for WA are
hiding. i know they are out there, but the bookmark disappeared
and it's easier for me to ask you, the experts, where this info
is located.


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