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Hi Tweeters,

I concur with Dennis. This is a great article. My copy of the Auk was in
the mail Monday evening when I got home. I sat down and read the article
before taking my coat off or eating dinner.


Dennis Paulson wrote:

> Remember when you were a kid and had a passion for dinosaurs? Then you

> grew up, discovered the opposite sex, got a career, etc. (not necessarily

> in that order), and in your mature years discovered birds. Well, all you

> were doing was getting back to your roots. More and more evidence has

> piled up in the past few years that dinosaurs were indeed the ancestors of

> our feathered friends. The best support is the variety of feathered

> dinosaurs that have been described recently in the scientific literature.

> The last issue of The Auk (Vol. 119, No. 1, Jan 2002) has an article

> detailing the evidence for this and good arguments for why ornithologists

> ought to take dinosaur evolution into account when thinking about the

> biology of birds.


> I have taken the liberty of scanning the cover illustration of that Auk, a

> little group of feathered dinosaurs. You can find it at:



> So I wish everyone good dinosauring this weekend!


> Dennis

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