Painted Bunting: about to be cat food?

M.A.D. agrimes94 at
Wed Mar 13 13:36:18 PST 2002

Hi Tweeters:.....
Went looking for the Painted Bunting around noon-ish today (3/13/02). At
first I didn't think I'd have any luck with a cat hiding in the ivy
waiting to pounce. I chase the cat away and waited around a bit longer
till the birds returned to the feeder area. First House Sparrows and
Chickadees, then a few Juncos, finally the Painted Bunting showed with a
small group of juncos. Caught a few good looks as it hopped in and out
of the ivy. The cat or something in the back yard scared the group and
they all, including the Bunting, headed across the back yard and into
the wooded area. I did manage to get one quick digital image if anyone
is interested, email me and I'll send it to you.

agrimes94 at
Edmonds, wa. 98020

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