Swans in Snohomish Valley

Eugene Hunn enhunn at attbi.com
Wed Mar 13 20:04:16 PST 2002

In my experience the swans in that area are predominantly Trumpeters, at
least this winter.

Gene Hunn.

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> We were driving the Old Snohomish-Monroe Road last Sunday, March 10,

> 2002, heading toward Monroe (in the rain) from Snohomish. The swans were

> on the west side of the road in the green pastures, just south of the

> French Creek crossing. And yes, there were over 100 of them.

> Unfortunately, we did not have our spotting scope with us and could not

> tell whether they were Trumpeter of Tundra Swans. Really a very impressive

> group of swans!


> Bill and Erin Woods Woods Tree Farm Redmond, WA U.S.A.

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