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Thu Mar 14 10:08:14 PST 2002 the lake by the reformatory dairy farm near Monroe; increasing from
two last week to nearly a dozen this morning (around 8 am). I did not see
any at all yesterday morning however, but may easily have missed them since
not all of the lake can be viewed from the road while driving. Nice treat
for my morning commute, not to mention a red-tail swooping down on some
hapless rodent in a grassy area next to High Bridge Road. And a great blue
heron perched ever so precariously on the top of a tall snag in the Crescent
Lake area near the reformatory farm. There are always interesting
distractions on this route between Monroe and Redmond. If only my vehicle
would navigate by itself so I could scope out the side shows along the way.

Definitely worth exploring on foot some day when time permits. Does anyone
in Tweeterland bird this area on a regular basis?


Jody Breckenridge
North of Monroe, Washington
Snohomish County
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