Ross Goose in Othello

hill hill at
Thu Mar 14 21:04:57 PST 2002

Today I relocated the Ross Goose that Bob Flores found Sunday morning. It
was landing right next to the Para Ponds just NW of Othello along McManamon

We have 30-40,000 Canada Geese in the area so a couple thousand Sandhill
Cranes are overshadowed. If out this weekend check the Scooteney Reservoir
area 10 miles south of Othello, the golf course area 2 miles SW of Othello,
or the Royal City area along SR 26.

There are still some Crane Festival banquet tickets available but they won't
last long. Also, several of the crane viewing busses still have room, as
does the Sunday morning Columbia NWR trip.

Randy Hill

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