Anna's Hummingbird in Grant Co., WA

Bob Flores rflores at
Thu Mar 14 21:12:43 PST 2002

Last week in a discussion with Ron Friesz about Anna's hummingbirds and how I just knew I was going to get one in Othello (That's Adams Co. of course) he says well there is one in Ephrata. He continues on telling me it is at the BasinRetirement Home located at 109 C St SW.

Today I had a meeting in Ephrata and went by and found the bird, a female, but what was more amazing it was on a nest. I was able to get a few pictures but the only angle afforded was into the sun. I am going back in the morning to get more. If anyone would like me to send them a digital photo let me know.

Bob Flores
Othello, WA
rflores at

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