Common Grackle update

Denny Granstrand osprey at
Fri Mar 15 10:51:47 PST 2002

Richard Repp found the Common Grackle this morning at about 9:30 and
observed it for about 40 minutes. It was in the usual location near the
horse/llama corrals on the west side of Birchfield Road 1.3 miles south of
Hwy 24. Birchfield is about 2 miles east of I-82.

I joined Richard at about 10:00. At about 10:10 the grackle and several
blackbirds flew south, with the grackle ending up on the east side of
Birchfield. Just south of the corrals and across the street there is a
small pond. On the south side of the pond is a shed with galvanized metal
siding. The grackle perched in one of several tall junipers on the north
side of the shed. When it first landed near the shed, it was calling loudly
for five minutes or so. After going into the juniper, it shut up and seemed
to really settle in. I soon left.

Denny Granstrand
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