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Andrew Longtin alongtin at
Fri Mar 15 17:29:10 PST 2002

Hello Tweeters!!!

I'm planning on visiting my sister and nephews in Washington state from May
3rd - 12th and I want to do some birding while I'm there, kind of "bird by
day, visit by night" thing. I'll be staying at my sisters in Puyallup and
will have a car so I'm looking for some good advice on places to see those
special Washington State / West coast birds. If you have any suggestions or
if you are lucky enough to have flexible hours and want to go birding please
drop me a line.

I've been watching birds all my life but became more passionate about it
when I bought my first house, then I was able to put up feeders and houses
anywhere I wanted. Once I got on the internet and was able to find more
birders I got a little more interested, I've been doing PFW for Cornell for
the last 5 years and also the GBBC, check out my WEB pages for my counts
over the last few years..

This last year I participated in 4 CBCs and I also joined the MOU (Minnesota
Ornithologists Union), if your ever visit
Minnesota to bird you want to check out MOU for bird sittings.

Bye for now, hope to get some good posts..

Andrew Longtin
Corcoran (Hennepin Co.) Minnesota
MOU Member
Cornell Lab Member (PFW)
Hardness Zone 4 (climate zone)
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