Iceland Gull and Western Scrub Jay - still present on 3/15/02 - Clarkston, WA PICS

Scott Ray scray at
Fri Mar 15 20:28:57 PST 2002

The adult ICELAND first reported several weeks ago by Mike Denny and others
was still present in Clarkston, WA this afternoon and is now in pristine
breeding plumage. The bird was with a mixed flock of about 50 Ring-billed
and California Gulls at the south end of Swallows Park along the Snake
River. The pond is south of the one with the small dock in it. The gulls
were loafing and bathing in the shallow area near the middle of the pond.

I have several good photos of the bird for those interested.

The WESTERN SCRUB JAY was found again at the location reported earlier west
of Clarkston at the Chief Timothy wildlife area. I first noticed it after
1/2 hour of looking and listening, about 100 feet west of the plot of feed
crops planted for wildlife. It was quite active and vocal, moving east in
the trees along the shoreline. This area is near the gate which is about
1/4 east of the small, gravel parking area that is across the road from the
hillside housing development access.


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" Yakima, WA "
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