Orting's owls

Gr8HrndOwl at aol.com Gr8HrndOwl at aol.com
Sat Mar 16 02:35:40 PST 2002

Hello: Just a few minutes ago (2:15am) there was a WESTERN SCREECH OWL
giving it's text book call in the vicinity of the High Cedar's Golf Course.
It was my first time hearing one out here but given the habitat the golf
course offers, it's not surprising. BARN OWL sightings are starting to
increase again offering great views of them sitting on the power lines. The
other night, one flew right over my head while I was standing in my driveway.
I suspect a pair of GREAT HORNEDS nesting on the golf course as well. Just
thought I'd pass on a little owlish news. Bryan Mathews, Gr8HrndOwl at aol.com

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