Scott G. Downes Downess at cwu.EDU
Sat Mar 16 12:46:58 PST 2002

I'm sending this within a few minutes of seeing this bird as maybe somebody can see this bird. I live at the corner of first and walnut in Downtown Ellensburg and just got done watching an absolutlely beautiful male HOARY REDPOLL in a flock of 40+ commons in the top of the birch trees accross the strret from my window! I grabbed the scope and since I live on the third floor was able to get excellent scope views, but unfortunately my camera isn't made to take photos from the scope. I got about 5 pictures through the scope, but I fear they will only show that it is a redpoll and not the hoary details. These birds were foraging in the top of the birches on the north side of the corner of first and walnut and am going to go out now and try to relocate them, I watched for about 10 minutes before the flock flew off to the west towards main street. I will givew details a little later, just wanted to get this info out right now.

Scott Downes
downess at
Ellensburg WA

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