Goodrich Rd Gyr

W H Lawrence whl at
Sat Mar 16 14:21:06 PST 2002

AM attempt to locate this bird failed. However a repeat check at 1:20 PM
located the Gyr flying North parallel but west of Wagner Rd . after a bit
of harassment by a male harrier the Gyr flew up and perched in the large
tree adjacent to the south end of the last house at the end of the hard
top on Wagner Rd. The Gyr was perched close to the trunk deep within the
bare branches of the crown. A difficult spot for the harrier to continue
harassing. Wanger Rd can be reached from Groodrich RD turning west off of
Harrison Rd. ( Old 99 north from Centralia.) Today the Gyr was Lewis
CO Bill

William H. Lawrence
Centralia WA
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