six gull day and a jay

Larry & Jacque Goodhew lgoodhew at
Sat Mar 16 13:24:24 PST 2002

Hi. All . After the post yesterday about the Western Scrub Jay at
Clarkson and the Iceland Gull we decided to go look. We arrived at
the spot mentioned for the Jay, after parking we began to walk east
toward the gate. As we came near a large Locust tree the Jay popped up
and we had about a 2 minute look before it went into the brambles.
From there we went to Swallows Park. We had just arrived when Bob
Flores drove up. for the next 4 hours we looked at a lot of Gulls.
Ring Billed , California, Herring a few, one Thayer's. The Lesser
Black-backed was with a flock of gulls at the north end of the park.
We all got a few pictures before a lot of gulls took off. The LBBG
was striking as it flew. We never relocated it. As Bob said in his
post he found the Iceland Gull and returned to tell us,Thanks Bob,
The Iceland was easy to spot when we finally found it. After the Bald
Eagle flew over every gull moved and we did not see it return, Many
birds did but we didn't go to close so they would settle down again.
Larry and Jacque Goodhew Walla Walla

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