Gyrfalcon still present on Sunday 3/17

RochWarrBB at RochWarrBB at
Sun Mar 17 09:26:16 PST 2002

I observed the Gyrfalcon today with Bill Shelmerdine, Jan and Steve
Watson on both Meadows Rd in Thurston County and on Wagner Rd in Lewis
County. Upon arriving at 7:45am the Gyr was in the snag/tree at the end of
Wagner Rd. (Lewis County) It flew to the power pole (Thurston County) at
8:35am and was still present or sitting on the pole when I left at 9:05am. I
hope my county lines are accurate but that brings me to a point of
discussion. Is the county of record determined by where the bird is located
or the birder located or both? Thanks!!!

Larry Heinz
Rochester, WA

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