use of minidisc for birding

Charles Swift charless at
Sun Mar 17 14:24:36 PST 2002

Here is a link to a discussion of the pros & cons of using minidisc
recorders: The general consensus
is that compression has no affect on recordings used for playback in the
field. In addition, I have seen decent graphical analysis produced from
minidisc recordings, for example in this discussion of vocalizations of the
'western' Flycatcher complex:
(at least the Moscow recording was made by minidisc recorder).

For the DAT recorder and shotgun mike set ups recommended by Cornell you're
talking about big $$$. Really only for the professional or serious amateur
with money to spare (I'd rather spend that kind of money on a new scope,
binocs, digital camera, etc.).

thanks, Charles.
Charles E. Swift
Moscow, Idaho
charless at

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