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Sun Mar 17 18:08:16 PST 2002

Greetings Tweeters,

Encouraged by the brighter skys this morning, Daine Yorgason-Quinn and I set out for Capitol Hill and the Painted Bunting. (Better late than never, right?) We arrived around 9AM and had nice chats with passersby plus the owner of the house. He was quite friendly and even declined our offer of $ for bird seed. It seems some other kind birder had left some seed already. He had roped off a portion of the grass verge in an effort to get some of the worn grass to grow back, thus limiting the view down into the ravine below his feeder. As it turned out, that wasn't a problem. We were joined at about 10 AM by another intrepid birder, Joyce Meyers (Joyce, I hope I spelled your name correctly). At 10:30, just as we were about to give it up, of course, up popped our star attraction! We got 4 good long looks over the next 30 minutes. He appears to be strong and healthy, moved around quite actively and flew all the way up to the feeder at one point. His colors were rich and he seemed quite alert. Nice to see that he is still doing well, and very nice to get such good looks at this beautiful bird!


Rolan Nelson
Burley, WA
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