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Friday,March 1, 8:57 PM. This is Wayne Paulson 206-365-4736. On Friday,
March 1st, at 3:30 PM, I saw a YELLOW BILLED LOON at the Cap Sante Boat
Basin in Anacortes, Washington. The bird was in the basin itself as well as
in the channel entrance to the basin, on the east side of the basin. You
can go to Rotary Park, to the gazebo and also view the channel entrance and
the boat basin. There were also COMMON LOONS in the area which offer good
comparison for this YELLOW BILLED LOON with very classic field marks for
winter plumage. There were also two OLDSQUAW feeding in the channel in the
entrance to the boat basin.

Saturday, March 2, 3:52 PM. Hi, this is Steven Mlodinov. Today the ROSS'S
GOOSE was still present at Post Office Lake just outside of Vancouver,
Washington. At the card? unit, Richfield National Wildlife Refuge, there
was a SWAMP SPARROW, there was also a BARN SWALLOW there; and at Vancouver
Lake itself, there was apparent intergrade between a WESTERN and a CLARK'S
GREBE showing a very classic CLARK'S GREBE facial pattern but a very
WESTERN GREBE looking bill. That's it. Good luck and good birding.

Sunday, March 3, 4:15 PM. This is Brad Wilson, 253-845-3216. I just got
done seeing the PAINTED BUNTING today is 4:15, Sunday, at the intersection
of 17th Ave. and East Garfield just about 1-1/2 east of Volunteer
Park. It's a male, very colorful, a very good bird to see. It tends to be
feeding on the ground more so than at the feeder. There's a really nice
viewing area, public area, on the grass right next to the house. A very
good bird, I hope everyone gets a chance to see it. I hope this bird is
considered to be wild and not someone that lost it from their cage. That's
it, good luck and good birding.

Sunday, March 3, 8:59 PM. This is Rachel Lawson at 206-282-5593 reporting
for Sunday, March 3rd. Today I was able to find the YELLOW BILLED LOON
reported by Wayne Paulson. It was at the Cap Sante Marina in Anacortes on
the south end of the marina, very close to shore. That's it, good birding.

Sunday, March 3, 9:05 PM. This is Rachel Lawson, Birdbox system
administrator. Today Larry Switters, whose phone number is 425-392-9161,
reports a male EURASIAN WIGEON in the town of Snoqualmie Ridge. This is
south of Snoqualmie and is best accessed by the new road north of the
intersection of Hwy 90 and Hwy 18. The bird was on the largest pond in the
new golf course.

Monday, March 4, 3:12 PM. This is Rachel Lawson at 206-282-5593. There is
an unconfirmed but very convincing report of PHAINOPEPLA in West Seattle on
Sunday, March 3rd. The people who saw this bird reported it to Seattle
Audubon Society this morning and they have extensive experience with
PHAINOPEPLA in Arizona. Steve Dang and I went down there today and were
unable to relocate the bird but it might still be in the area. The address
is the 2300 block of 46th SW in West Seattle. That's it, good birding.

Tuesday, March 5, 1:40 PM. John O'Connell, 360-299-4375. Today, Tuesday
March 5th at noon in Anacortes, the YELLOW BILLED LOON was again
present. It was observed 10-15 feet from shore at Seafarer's Memorial Park
east of the monument. This park is immediately adjacent to the Cap Sante
Marina. The bird appeared to be an adult in definitive basic plumage. Thanks.

Saturday, March 9, 10:49 AM. Hi, this is Denny Grandstand, 10 o'clock
Saturday morning March 9th. In Yakima, I have a COMMON GRACKLE. It is
on Birchfield Rd. south of Hwy 24. Hwy24 can be reached off I-82, one of
the south exits from Yakima. It's the Nob Hill Hwy 24 exit. Go east on
Hwy 24 about 2 miles to Birchfield Rd. Once you get away from K-Mart,
Birchfield Rd. has the first stop light. Turn south on Birchfield, go 1.3
miles, there's a little farm with llamas and horses; the GRACKLE is hanging
out in a flock of BREWER'S BLACKBIRDS, a few REDWINGS and a few STARLINGS.

Sunday, March 10, 10:52 AM. This is Denny Grandstand in Yakima. It's
10:45 Monday morning. The COMMON GRACKLE is still on Birchfield
Rd. Directions were left yesterday on the Birdbox. The GRACKLE was seen
until about 10 o'clock or sometime between 9:45 and 10 o'clock this
morning. It's ranging widely in the area of pasture around the small farm
where it was first seen, so be patient.

Tuesday, March 12, 9:59 AM. This is Rachel Lawson, Birdbox system
administrator. This morning, Tuesday, March 12th, Tim Stevens, a birder
from southern California, reports that at 7:45 AM he saw the FALCATED
DUCK at the original location, the flooded field at the base of Samish
Island. That's it. Good birding.

Tuesday, March 12, 6:34 PM. This is Bob Morse in Olympia,
360-943-8600. Today, the 12th at 2:15, Dave Beaudette, Ted
Peterson, and myself saw the COMMON GRACKLE over east of Yakima and at that
time it was with a large flock of mixed BLACKBIRDS, about 100 in the total
flock, south of the corral and west of the Birchfield Rd. And it was close
enough to the road so you could pick out the distinctive greenish
iridescent head and the bronze back and underparts. The bird flock was
not in that location until that time during the day. We started birding
around 9 and finally the flock came in at that point in time. So they were
either back further with the livestock or dispersed across to the east of
the main road there. By the way, the mileage from Route 24 to the location
of the corral is .9 miles not 1.3 miles as had been reported earlier. Good

Wednesday, March 13, 9:14 PM. John O'Connell, 360-299-4375. Today
Wednesday March 13th in Monroe, Washington on Ben Howard Road approximately
1/2 mile east of state Hwy 203 there were three WESTERN BLUEBIRDS observed
at about 11:30 AM. Also, approximately half way between Monroe and
Snohomish, on the old highway among a large number of TRUMPETER and TUNDRA
SWANS, there were three GREATER WHITE FRONTED GEESE. Thank you.

Thursday, March 14, 7:10 PM. Hello, this is Ian Paulson calling on the
14th. The male PAINTED BUNTING I saw it at approximately 2:05 PM today in

Friday, March 15, 12:36 PM. Hello, this is Steve Pink and just reporting
that the GYR FALCON is in its traditional spot on the tree on the Old
Snohomish-Monroe Rd. Thanks very much. Good luck and good birding.

Saturday, March 16, 12:03 PM. Hi, this is Vic Nelson. Today at Point No
Point at the NE tip of the Kitsap Peninsula I saw an adult LITTLE GULL in
with about a thousand BONAPARTE and MEW GULLS. It was this morning about
10 o'clock. Thank you.

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