Gyr Falcon + W. Bluebirds

David Hayden dtvhm at
Sun Mar 17 19:30:05 PST 2002

Jim Pruske and I went for the Gyr Falcon this morning. Before we headed
south, we stopped at the Nisqually Refuge to find the 4 Western
Bluebirds that were seen by Dennis Ellison on Saturday. We found 2 males
and 2 females along the main entrance road to the refuge. Once we had
the Bluebirds we headed for Meadows Rd. We located the Gyr Falcon
sitting on the dead fir tree immeadiately upon our arrival. We were soon
joined by Keith Brady and his wife, Bill Tweit, and Bruce LaBar. After
the falcon Jim and I decided to explore the area. We followed Prather
Rd. to Lincoln Creek Rd. Followed Manners Rd. to Rochester, went to
Scatter Creek, and ended at Mima Mounds.

Turkey Vulture - 21
1 at Meadows Rd.
2 from Manners Rd.
1 from Marble St.
6 from Lincoln Cr. Rd.
9 at Scatter Creek (Case Rd. side)
2 at Mima Mounds

Bald Eagle - 5
2 at Meadows Rd.
1 at Lincoln Cr. Rd.
2 at Scatter Creek (Case Rd. side)

Northern Harrier - 4
1 at Meadows Rd.
3 at Mima Mounds (2 males 1 female)

American Kestrel - 10
2 at Meadows Rd.
1 from Manners Rd.
5 from Lincoln Cr. Rd.
2 at Scatter Creek

Western Meadowlark - 6
1 at Meadows Rd.
5 at Mima Mounds

Ring Necked Pheasant - 1 at Mima Mounds

Scrub Jay - 3
1 at Medows Rd.
1 at Scatter Creek
1 at Littlerock

Red Breasted Nuthatch - 2 at Independence Rd.
Bushtit - flock at Lincoln Cr. Rd.
Pileated Woodpecker - 1 at Lincoln Cr. Rd.
Tree Swallow - 10+ at Lincoln Cr. Rd.

Violet Green Swallow - 30+
10 at Meadow Rd.
20+ at Lincoln Cr. Rd.

1 POSSIBLE Cliff Swallow at Lincoln Cr. Rd.
When the bird flew, there seemed to be an obvious light tan rump patch.
With all the mixed swallows flying around, I could have been mistaken.
Trying to chase down 1 swallow was very eye fatiguing.

Dave Hayden
Lakewood WA
dtvhm at

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