Marymoor Park Report (Redmond, King Co., WA) 3/17/2002

Michael Hobbs Hummer at
Sun Mar 17 20:21:33 PST 2002

Tweets - My family took advantage of the sunny weather to go over to Marymoor -
I wanted to hang one more Wood Duck box, and clean out 20 of the
swallow/chickadee boxes from last year. There are now approximately 40 bird
houses at Marymoor, targeting (a) chickadee, swallow, bluebird, wren, etc; (b)
Wood Duck, Flicker; and (c) Barn Owl. I'll keep you posted.

While there today we did see a few birds:

Greater Scaup 2 females on lake - first since early Feb.
Common Merganser Beautiful pair in slough near windmill
Cooper's Hawk? Or large Sharpie, south of weir
Hairy Woodpecker Black-and-WHITE female E of entrance bridge
Violet-green Swallow Around 40 south of weir at about 3:00
Brown Creeper 3 near windmill

There were some swallows well out on the lake - quite possibly Tree Swallows,
but it was too far to see.

The RED-TAILED HAWKS were observed on the odd-snag nest west of the main
Marymoor entrance. It does appear, then, that both nests on the west side of
Marymoor are active again this year.

We had an orange-stripe Garter Snake near the mouth of Bear Creek.

All told we had 33 species for the afternoon (an afternoon mostly spent
working, not birding).

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