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Sun Mar 17 20:58:32 PST 2002

Fourteen members of the Victoria Natural History Society ventured north from Victoria to bird from Yellow Point all the way to Big Qualicum River on east coast of Vancouver Island. Glorious weather greeted us today after yesterday's snowstorm! The herring spawn spectacle at French Creek was truly spectacular with THOUSANDS of Mew, Glaucous-winged, Thayer's, and California Gulls joining thousands of sea ducks and other water birds along with numerous California Sea Lions offshore. Estimated gull total: over 20,000 birds!

Highlights among 91 species tallied:
5 Turkey Vulture at Legacy Marsh (near Lanztville);
15 Barrow's Goldeneye off Blue Heron Park;
1 American Kestrel just south of Cedar turn off;
2 Surfbird at Englishman River;
1 Common Snipe at Englishman River;
4 Herring Gull at Columbia Beach (French Creek);
2 Western Gull at Columbia Beach;
2 Red-breasted Sapsucker in Big Qualicum Fish Hatchery parking lot (great looks!);
Tree and Violet-green Swallows at Legacy Marsh;
1 American Dipper at Big Qualicum Fish Hatchery
1 Hermit Thrush at Petro Canada at Nanoose turn-off (in pet walking area!);
1 Townsend's Warbler (female) in Big Qualicum Fish Hatchery parking lot;
Red Crossbills nest building at Blue Heron Park near Yellow Point.

A great day birding...

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