swans, band-tailed pigeon

Jody Breckenridge jbreckenridge at r2usa.com
Mon Mar 18 09:10:39 PST 2002

Three swans still on the lake by the reformatory farm near Monroe; saw them
on my way in to work this morning around 7:30'ish.

Also, yesterday I heard (briefly) the first band-tailed pigeon of the season
in the alder trees next to my house, no doubt scoping out my feeding
stations to make sure they're still there. I'm sure his/her friends will be
along very soon. In the past two years I've lived at this property, I've
seen up to three dozen at a time chowing down at my feeding stations. It's
amazing to see how many of these large birds can fit on one feeder at a
time, like watching acrobats in a circus. Quite entertaining to view as
they jockey for position. Good thing they don't stay long; they are eating

Spring is coming, isn't it?

Jody Breckenridge
North of Monroe, Washington
Snohomish County
mail to: jbreckenridge at r2usa.com

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