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Lee Rentz leerentz at
Mon Mar 18 10:54:03 PST 2002

Dennis Paulson wrote:

>It's great to be connected again, with a shiny new computer. With all the

varied "discussions" that have made tweeters one of the more colorful
e-mail lists, I'm surprised we haven't had any computer debates. I suppose
it's because all of you intelligent people out there agree that Macs rule!

No need for debate--Macs do indeed rule!

We have a new iMac (the cool new version with the flat monitor and
bulbous base) that we have used to preserve some of our best birding
memories. On our recent Antarctica trip, Karen used a digital
camcorder to videotape the extraordinary experience of visiting
penguin colonies.

When we got home, she loaded the video clips onto the computer and
worked with a program called iMovie to create a great little movie
with vivid behavioral images and sounds from the field--overlaid with
the narration she created using the computer's microphone. Then she
burned a DVD on the built-in DVD burner. Now we can view the movie
on our television and send copies to friends and relatives. [By the
way, Karen is a long-time PC user who really likes her new iMac].

I am a nature photographer by passion and profession, with hundreds
of hours of photographing birds in the field. But the new video
technology, with its ability to record sounds and movement with
wonderful clarity, is way more fun than taking still pictures of

I wish I could show you the movie on line, but in Shelton we don't
have the fast internet connections that would allow me to do this.

Anyway, check out the new technology--it is wonderful!

Lee Rentz
lee at
Shelton, WA

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