First male Rufous Hummingbird:

Ruth Sullivan GODWIT at
Mon Mar 18 14:52:18 PST 2002

Hello Tweeters,
Today this morning we had our first Rufous male Hummingbird.I dont see my
Anna's now,this Rufous is every where chasing all the birds around.The
Anna's came early this morning,but not since than.The Rufous using both
feeders,plus going on the wild currant.I hope he settling down after a
while.The date last year for the Rufous was the17 th of March,so he came one
day later than last year.Our Hutton's Vireo comes still twice a day ,only
feeding on the Suet.This morning for the first time i had birds on my little
pond ,sipping water.It was two males Varied Thrush and a Oregon
Junco.Remember all, that i got the pond to attract Dragonflies,but even so i
did not get one Dragonflie in this Pond,my grasses and vegetation doing
good,and i thinking putting a pump in this pond,to steady rotate the water.I
also put attractive rocks around the pond.and think when i get a pump in to
this pond,the racoon would not going in to destroing all what i put in to
this pond

Ruth Sullivan
godwit at

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