"Butcher Birds"

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Australia has its own Butcher Birds, four species in the genus Cracticus,
which also impales prey onto thorns. They are not closely related to
Shrikes. In the US I can only think of shrikes that impale and leave for

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For some reason it seems that there is a bird that occasionally imaples it's
prey but I believe the shrikes here are the only birds that do that
commonly. I think that shrikes are the only ones now that I think about it.
I know that small birds of prey like merlins etc. will cache prey but not
impale. Hopefully someone else can help us out. :-)

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>Hi Tweets,


>One of my friends recently asked me if there were birds in the US in

>addition to shrikes who impale their prey. I did a little bit of 'Net and

>book research and haven't come up with anything. Anybody out there in

>Tweeterland have a definitive answer for him (and me!)??




>Mary Klein

>Seattle WA

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Blake Iverson

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