Paul Webster PWebst25 at
Tue Mar 19 10:53:05 PST 2002

I try not to submit negative reports, but in view of Rebecca Guiao's
problems finding the Phainopepla in West Seattle, here's my experience:
I live three blocks from the place where the bird is said to have been
seen, and when I saw the first report on Tweeters I changed my walking
route and my driving routes to go through this area. I've made about
two dozen passes down the street, and walked the alleys on either side.
I've seen lots of Starlings in the area, a large fir on 47th Ave
particularly seems to appeal to them, but no trace of a Phainopepla,
which I have seen before in Southern California, Arizona, and West
Texas. IF the bird was in fact here the cold and stormy West Seattle
weather of the last two weeks probably convinced it to head back whence
it came.

Paul Webster
pwebst25 at

> Hi,

> A week and a half ago I went to relocate the Phainopepla. I live in

> West Seattle and the location it was previously seen is about five

> minutes away from where I live. I've been to SE Arizona once last

> year, and remember the Phainopeplas, butI am not a very good birder. I

> went to the area it was seen, and stayed for about an hour. It was

> very cold and fairly windy and I was not able to find the Phainopepla.

> However, considering my lack of birding talent, I would not trust my

> judgement on this issue.


> Rebecca Guiao, 16

> Seattle, WA

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