junco seen with the painted bunting

Deborah Wisti-Peterson nyneve at u.washington.edu
Tue Mar 19 15:48:03 PST 2002

hello again tweets,

according to charlie wright, the junco i was referring to was either
an abberant slate-colored female or an intergrade. i also learned
from another tweeter (sorry, your name slips my mind at this moment!)
that there is another junco that shows up who has white feathers on
the face (please correct me if i am wrong).

i know, juncos are not as wonderful as a painted bunting, but after
freezing all my appendages off this morning, gossiping about YOU ALL,
commiserating over missed teal and loons and, incidentally, watching
birds, i ended up seeing quite a few species of my feathered friends
this morning while waiting for the star of the show.


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