Monopods - or "aid for ailing shoulders"

Denny Granstrand osprey at
Tue Mar 19 19:36:56 PST 2002

Mary and Tweeters,

I have recently developed rheumatoid arthritis which seems to ahve settled
mostly in my shoulders. I went birding one Sunday in December before I
started taking medication for it and had a very difficult time holding my
binoculars up. My right shoulder gave me the most pain. I stopped at a
hardware store in Ellensburg and bought a three foot dowel, cut it in half
with one of the store's saws and got a free rubber band at the counter. I
wrapped the rubber band around the right-side barrel of the my bins and
gently stuck one end of the dowel under it. When looking through my bins,
the dowel hung straight down and I was able to hold onto the other end of
the dowel with my right hand down near my waist, which completely stopped
the pain. Since most of the weight of the bins rested on the dowel, it also
reduced the stress on my left shoulder, which steadied and aimed the bins.
I don't use it now but figure I may have to in my waining years. I do take
the dowel and several rubber bands with me when I travel just in case.

It is a bit of a bother when the binoculars are hanging on your chest and
when you get in the car, but sometimes a bit of bother is the better

Denny Granstrand

At 07:14 PM 3/19/2002 -0800, you wrote:

>Hi Tweets,


>Does anybody use/has anyone used a monopod w/their bins? Am wondering if

>they're practical or too much hassle. After switching to "heavier" (29 oz

>from 23-some oz) bins last summer I've developed rotator cuff problems in

>both shoulders. Don't know if there's a connection, but it'd be nice to be

>able to bird in comfort even when my shoulders are giving me fits. Any

>info, advice greatly appreciated!




>Mary Klein

>Seattle WA

>BassClef at


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